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Tutoring in Science, English, Social Studies, or Math

Schedule by the hour a one-on-one tutoring session with STEAM Engine Education’s certified tutors. Any core subject, any age. We are prepared to help your child raise their grades, catch up in class, or help them feel more confident in their school abilities. $45 / hour with very flexible hours.
Monday through Saturday, one hour by appointment, from 3:00 - 7:00 pm
  • Families enroll their children in this program by the calendar month, paying for the number of hours they agree to schedule with their child’s tutor.
  • STEAM Engine Education tutors are current or former teachers, or have been specially trained to tutor in a content area. It is our goal to match students with compatible tutors so they can develop a relationship through which the student can build on skills, gain foundational knowledge, and become proficient at academic tasks.
  • Each tutoring session is one hour long and must be scheduled in advance. If an appointment cannot be fulfilled, please call us in advance and let us know. When we schedule a tutoring appointment, we save that time for you, and we prepare for the instruction that is expected. If you miss that appointment and do not alert us beforehand, we will both feel better if you pay for that time. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment for no charge if you let us know at least two hours before the appointment.
  • Tutoring units are goal-oriented, with SMART goals established at the beginning of each month, with input from family and student.
  • With the family’s written permission, STEAM Engine Education Tutors will be happy to communicate directly with teachers by email to clarify the standards that a student is in need of mastering as well as evidence required to show mastery. Reports will be provided to the parent and, if requested, to the school as to the progress of each student.