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The Explorer Program

Let your child learn about their passion! The Explorer Program offers students custom passion oriented extra curricular learning. The student picks a topic they would like to learn about, or ‘explore,' and we plan our steps to an achievable goal. A goal such as: “I would like to learn about trains, and my goal is to design a train and train tracks”. Children will learn to conduct scientific inquiry from interest to published poster. Together, after school we work to achieving our planned goal. Every weekday / 2:30 – 7:00pm. $15 / hour.

Weekdays, your family's choice of times and days, available from 2:30 - 7:00 pm

  • Families enroll students in this program on a daily or weekly basis. Daily patrons must be signed in by a parent or guardian; preregistered weekly patrons may arrive by school van or bus, walking, or in carpools.
  • Students are supervised by older students and adults while they enjoy a healthy snack.
  • Students may choose any subject of their choosing. Some examples of options for student exploration are:
    • Long-term investigation of plants (around 2 months), including
      • What is in a seed? Students dissect a seed to examine its contents.
      • Can roots grow UP? Students plant seeds with the cotyledon facing different directions to see it the roots follow. (Geotropism)
      • Where’s the light? Students plant seeds in mazes to see if the plant can find its way out, seeking the light.
      • What do roots do? Students examine plants in Root Farms, clear plastic structures designed to expose plant roots.
      • Are you what you eat? Students experience the growth, harvest, preparation, preservation, and nutrition of the food they eat
    • Short-term pursuit of logic puzzles (around 2 weeks), including
      • Perplexors: Solving Logic Puzzles using lists
      • Grids: Solving Logic Puzzles using grids
      • On Our Own: Examining the structure of logic puzzles to enable us to write our own (using color tiles and other manipulatives)
    • Coding Challenges, (a revolving study, geared to individual interests and abilities), including
      • Participate in’s courses and curriculum to become familiar with coding basics
      • Create apps and games
      • Program Lego and Sphero robots using code
    • On-going study of the ocean, especially the Gulf of Maine (around 6 months), including
      A scale model of the Gulf of Maine, from plasticine, including the structure of the Earth beneath the Gulf (types of rocks, sea-floor spreading, etc.)
      • Creating a museum of living and non-living things from the Gulf of Maine ecosystem
      • Testing water from local and ocean sources for e coli, dissolved oxygen, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, etc.
      • Creating a timeline of fishing in the Gulf from the Vikings to today
      • Illustrating and writing books for younger children detailing the food webs within the Gulf
      • Read nonfiction and fiction books with the ocean as a setting (such as The Shark Beneath the Reef, Small as an Elephant, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Black Pearl)
      • Build, maintain, and study an estuarial aquarium (brackish)
      • Long-term investigation of the effect of oceans on local and global weather and climate