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To inquire about one of the offered programs, click on the button. Our senior staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible to set up an initial interview.

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Tutoring in Science, English, Social Studies, or Math

Schedule, by the hour, a one on one tutoring session with STEAM Engine Education’s certified tutors. Any core subject, any age. We are prepared to help your child raise their grades, catch up in class, or help them feel more confident in their school abilities. $45 / hour with very flexible hours.

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Home-School Programs

STEAM Engine Education will supply, present, or supplement your home-school curriculum for any age, and any core subject. Two-hour morning sessions. Starting with twice a week. $20 / hour

Pre-School Programs

Satisfy your toddler’s curious mind with exciting and vibrant live stories and successive crafts. Guardians and parents, bring your little ones to STEAM Engine Education for story hour from a trained librarian with over 40 years of experience telling these tales to kids. Three days / week: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. $10 / hour

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After-School Programs - School Connections

Homework can be a very difficult task, especially if you don’t have full time teachers at home. School Connections offers premium homework help from our certified tutors. Instead of tutoring a specific subject for a specific amount of time, School Connections gets you a full afternoon of guidance tackling all of your homework for the night. Every weekday / 2:30 – 5:00. $18 / hour

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The Explorer Program

Let your child learn about their passion. The Explorer Program offers students custom ‘passion’ oriented extra curricular learning. The student picks whatever topic they would like to learn about, ‘explore’, and we plan our steps to an achievable goal. A goal, such as, “I would like to learn about trains, my goal is to design a train and train tracks”. Any interest and any goal can be achieved*. Together, after school we work to achieving our planned goal. Every weekday / 2:30 – 7:00pm. $15 / hour.

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Brush-Up Classes

We all need a little help from time to time. Often in math, science, reading, and writing. STEAM Engine Education can help with it all. Kind, creative, and enthusiastic teachers, with experience in the classroom, will guide your child through the subject they are struggling with. A classroom made for your child and their learning pace. $25 / hour.

Clubs & Camps

Afterschool and on weekends, STEAM Engine Education is planning multiple clubs designed for your child to socialize while learning something they would enjoy. Clubs are laid back and focused on enjoyment. STEAM Engine Education Camps are one to three day ventures into one question or topic. Meant for learning and specific questions being answered. STEAM Engine Education is still developing clubs and will update you with more information when available.

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Special Events

Every once in a while STEAM Engine Education will hold a special one day event. Past events include Lego Day, where we opened up our collection of Lego building blocks to any children who wanted to come create! Other events include, NBA Statistics Day, and an Educator Open House. FREE / however long you would like to stay! Look at our calendar to see if we have any events planned!

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