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LEGO Star Wars: E for Everyone

LEGO Star Wars: E for Everyone

“The LEGO games are a lot of fun, especially for kids, and I mean, who among us isn’t a kid?”

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game is a recreation, in LEGO form, of the Star Wars movies (this game follows Episodes I, II, and III). You play as the protagonist, and, with multiplayer, their allies. You work together fighting LEGO enemies, solving LEGO puzzles, and building LEGO creations to join together, save the princess, and defeat the Sith! If you or your child are fans of either LEGOs or Star Wars, I would make sure to get this game for them.

You start off the game playing as the main characters of the first Star Wars movie: Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. You have to fight an army of droids created by the Separatists. You move through a Separatist droid base, after you and your partner went there to negotiate! You have to sneak your way past the enemies, destroying some, and hide out in a tank to escape -- all in the first level!

“It’s amazing how much charm comes from having these characters as LEGOs, and humor too, it’s still a hilarious game.”

This game will blindside you with its incredibly bright attitude. This game is an experience, an experience that screams ‘FUN!’ I have been playing the game for days straight, just to get to the next level, just to keep the fun coming! You can purchase, with your acquired LEGO coins, ‘Extras’. These can be everything from ‘Invincibility’, which means you can’t take any damage, to ‘Moustaches’, where every character now has the comical mustache of a World War I General.

The game is more than just a cartoon come to life though, you have to solve real and complex puzzles to progress. I can often find myself stuck on a level, having to leave and come back to it later to try and continue. Certain levels have you solving chess-like puzzles, so that you can open a locked door and get a glimpse at an army of Clones, ready to fight along side you! Other levels have you switching characters back and forth, unlocking doors with robots, and defeating enemies with spin moves. This game involves strategy that your ten-year-old will probably beat you at. The best way to play this game is with a friend or family member, and let the laughter follow. The most experienced players can laugh at the borderline hilarious cut scenes, and the new comer can laugh at how silly their character looks when falling off the map. This game has something for everyone. Multiplayer becomes even better when a calm compromise turns to an argument over which one of you gets to be the Jedi Master!

“Of course LEGO has often been associated with family and childhood and [LEGO Star Wars] shares that trait with the family friendly concept of playing together. The game emphasized teamwork even in single player play. You almost always play with a group of characters, each of which has unique powers and abilities and the game forces you to switch between them to solve puzzles and progress through the levels, and it is a lot of fun, when you have another aspiring Jedi to play the game with.”

Playing alone or with your family, there is no way to play this game wrong. From its fun and bright attitude to its challenging puzzle solving, your kids or your grandparents would love to give this game a shot. It helps everyone with their problem solving, team building, hand-eye coordination, comprehension skills, and more. Luckily this game is available on many platforms and in many different shapes. You can get this specific game on at least five different consoles, and all copies are fairly priced. I played this on the GameCube. You can also get this game as LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, which has these levels and more. If you can’t find any LEGO Star Wars games available, just know, you can’t miss with any of the LEGO games. Now is when I would say ‘May the force be with you’, but I prefer playing as the bad guy!

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