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 Alfie's Blog

Alfie,born in the Caribbean Islands, came to Maine after being injured when defending another dog from bad guys. He met his Boy,   Harry, at the Waterville Humane Society. They now live together, and Alfie runs a store in Oakland, ME. Read this blog for entries from Alfie’s mind.

Strange Smells and Dog Hoods!

Strange smells, strange smells, the world, the world, filled with strange smells. Everyday I find the strangest of smells. Some I can never get used to. Like the big metal box that time travels me and my family to different locations! It smells so weird! It growls and huffs and puffs and is so bumpy inside! You go from there to this brand new location and you are overwhelmed! All the things to investigate! Then you go inside somewhere and again, a whole new world of smells! Sometimes it is too much for a little dog to handle! On top of all that, in order to keep me warm in this cold weather, Harry, has put a hoodie on me. I tried to tell him 'Hoodies are not for dogs!', but he just put it on me anyway! I am too little to do anything! But it's okay, I love him. Now, when we play he puts the hood over my eyes and for a minute I can't see! We play a lot, except for when there are more strange smells to investigate!


Don't mind if I jump on you!

Today is a busy day! I apologize that I get so excited when new people come to visit us! I get so overwhelmed I just have to jump on them! Don't worry, I just want these visitors to play! If you see me don't be afraid to walk on over, pick up a tennis ball and give it a good throw. I will chase it! I will get it! However, you won't get it back! I chased a tennis ball behind a desk once and I couldn't find a way out. I am still stuck, but don't worry I have a plan. I will be out soon. To greet more and more people.

IMG 8309 copy



This photo is of me, I am trying to get unstuck. I will update you on my progress.





P.S. Does anyone else know how hard it is to type with paws?! fkhslgdj

Running a store is difficult, there are so many places to smell!

I find myself smelling things over and over again, just to make sure that they haven’t changed! It’s exhausting. I am so little to be running such a big operation. A bonus is all the toys we have out. I am supposed to be a business-dog but sometimes the toys look so fun that they get to me. It’s okay to have play time every now and then. Harry throws the ball, and I chase it. I have to make sure we don’t knock anything over. We can’t have any squirrels getting suspicious!

My Store is Open and Ready for Business!

I have so many visitors they all come in to see me! I don’t know what they are talking about, but I am sure it is about dogs! I need to make sure to welcome them in, and keep the squirrels out! I love all the visitors, but I need to make sure “No squirrels allowed!”, unless they are bringing me some tasty chicken…