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Allison and Julia at Fountain iPhone size.jpgA passionate teacher. Allison's whole life has been dedicated to helping children learn. From the kids she taught in public school, to her own kids, people love to learn with her. She is one of the best teachers around. Her forward thinking and modern teaching style takes what kids love most about school, and make them love learning. 
Owner, Director, and Head Tutor of STEAM Engine Education


pattiThe reason librarians aren't outdated. This librarian has spent over 40 years helping people learn. Books built societies' knowledge, and people still need them. She knows some of the best and most necessary information the pages between covers hold. A helpful tutor and kind woman. 
Assistant Director and Office Manager of STEAM Engine Education


Harry and Alfie at store iPhone size.jpgThe dog's favorite person! Ask him questions about the products, he can give you the answers! I warn you to not try and play a game of RISK against him!
Administrator, Tutor, and Receptionist - STEAM Engine Education


julia in front of dogwood tree iPhone size.jpgThis girl might be young, but she is extremely talented. Passionate about musical theater and spreading some advice that she has needed going through school. An AP student and a former school tutor, the ideal peer tutor. Julia is extremely friendly and trustworthy. However, Julia chooses cats over dogs... so be careful around her!
Tutor - STEAM Engine Education


peanut Unfortunately, Peanut passed away at the end of May. He was a good old boy. Old and gentle. This friendly giant is 14 years old, and going strong! His arthritis may slow him down a bit but this greyed companion is incredible at maintaining safety. 'The Sheriff' is his nickname because he is great at keeping peace throughout 'the West' (the store). 
Emotional Morale Dog #1


Alfie on Allison's Lap iPhone size.jpg

Last and certainly not least! Young and happy, Alf was a Puerto Rican street dog, who was attacked. These attacks caused anxiety and PTSD in this little angel. Thankfully though, his injuries lead him here. This 4 year old dog couldn't be happier with his kind and loving owner, Harry. No man-dog pair has ever been better. Don't be afraid to pet Alfie; just make sure he feels safe and happy! He would want the same for you. 
Emotional Morale Dog #2